Why your Digital Personal Brand Matters

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When asked by coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs if their digital brand matters, our answer is yes as that's where your customers are. Smart Insights quoting GWA shows that social media annual growth continues (particularly with mobile) and that Asia-Pacific is driving much of this growth. 

Here at Launchpad Media we believe:

  “Good original content on social media really extends your face to face brand positioning you as a thought leader, putting you at the front of potential client's minds”

The key is being authentic, without trying to be someone/something you’re not.

So where to start if you aren't already embracing your digital brand?

Before deciding on which platforms to focus on think, who, where and what are my target audience?

A useful resource here is the social media demographic information via Sprout Social. Based on this for organisational coaches we recommend LinkedIn as their primary social media channel. The LinkedIn demographic information from Sprout Social shows an older average demographic than Twitter and Facebook with a higher education level and net worth. 

So once you’ve found your social channels what makes a good profile?, a few tips include having a:

  • Captivating background image
  • A strong hero line stating 'what you do' clearly
  • Punchy profile copy including a key message/messages

In your profile copy we recommend including: 

  • Personal / company purpose
  • Your value proposition – what makes you unique?
  • How you help people

Useful platforms and tools to support your digital brand

There are lots of great tools to help you manage your digital brand, these include: Canva, Hootsuite/Buffer, LinkedIn Publishing, Wordpress and Squaresquare.

There are also always new social channels and features gaining momentum, some more recent examples include: Instagram stories, Facebook@Work and LinkedIn Showcase pages.

We'd love to hear how social is working for you and any questions you may have. Please contact us via our contact page!

Written by Dani Matthews

LaunchPad Media Principal and Digital Personal Branding Specialist